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IFT Mechanical Services Nationwide

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All Mechanical Services

Hot Tapping Services:
Adding branch connections to existing pipelines, without interrupting service, is our specialty. Capabilities: 1/2"- 96" on water, gas, steam, air, and chemicals. Available for any type of pipe, with complete turnkey service available. IFT specializes in large diameter connections.
Thermo-well Inserting Services:
 IFT Thermo-well insertion is the installation of temperature sensing wells into existing systems without a shutdown. IFT can provide & install your thermo-wells without interrupting service.
Pipeline Stopping Services:
Pipeline linestops isolate a section of pipeline, stopping its flow. IFT provides the most advanced linestop services available today! Sizes from 1/2" - 84" on any type of pipeline.
Bypassing Services:
IFT can bypass a section of pipe, without interrupting its flow by  providing the most advanced line stopping and by-passing service available today! Sizes from 1/2" - 48" on any type of pipeline.
Lateral Tee Installation Services:
The IFT Tee Way fittings are used to make connections primarily to existing lines where a plug or butterfly valve is to be used as a main shut off for a new branch line.
Live Air-Valve Replacement Service:
The Dutch Finger is installed onto the defective valve in a fluid tight arrangement. The defective valve is opened to allow the manual insertion of the plugging finger into the pipeline  opening, to a predetermined position.
Wall Tapping Services:
Our assemblies are used for tapping onto concrete walls, concrete storage tanks , & large diameter concrete conduits where a backing draw plate is impractical. We manufacture any size contour to match your needs, with any size outlet through 120"
Insert Valve Installation Services:
IFT can install Insert Valves on a pipeline without shutting down the system. Valves can be installed indoors or outdoors on chilled or domestic water, and on air lines. Our customers include hospitals, industrial companies, mechanical contractors, and municipalities.

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