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8 inch Freeze Plugs 8 inch pipe freeze plugs 12 inch Pipe Freeze multiple freeze plugs
This is an example of a few "8 inch Freeze Plugs" to find a pinhole sized leak in a gas pipeline main. Click for more info.
This is another example of a "8" Pipe Freeze" to locate a leak on a natural gas pipeline Click for more info.
This is another example of a "12 inch Pipe Freeze" and welding in order to add a branch connection onto the pipeline Click for more info.
This an example of multiple"freeze plugs" of various sizes being used to branch connections on the pipeline system. Click for more info.

We are International Flow Technologies, America's Premier source for Pipeline Freezing Services

About International Flow Technologies (IFT)

Pipe freezing is a non-intrusive, cost-effective, and quick method to perform pipeline leak testing or maintenance modifications without draining the system. Using liquid nitrogen, International Flow isolates your problem area in the pipeline or vessel by freezing the product inside the pipeline to form a solid plug.

  • This allows for very little drain-down or refill and, in many cases, no system downtime.
  • Standard freeze plugs range in size from 1/2" to 36" OD and can be performed on most fluids including petrochemicals.
  • Once the work is complete, the plug or plugs are thawed and the line is restored to operation.
  • Freezes can be placed on pipes to isolate pressures in excess of 3000 psi.
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Latest projects

6inch pipe freeze Dual 8inch pipe freezes 24inch pipe freeze on a gas main 6inch pipe freeze 6inch pipe freeze plug on a fire hydrant 4 Dual 8inch pipe freezes

US Dept of Energy Cray Project

PipeFreeze Team at the Kraken XT5 Cray Jaguar Location Getting the Job Done Right the 1st Time. XT5 Cray Jaguar Super Computer Job Site XT5 Cray Jaguar Super Computer Freeze Success

When the United States Department of Energy makes changes to the Worlds Fastest Computer XT5 Cray Jaguar they always call InternationalFlow.com

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Los Angeles, CA: Corp. 800-221-3332
Mustang, OK: 281-546-7681
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Baltimore, MD: 410-394-9918
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  • Pipe Freeze, Pipe Freezing Standard pipe freeze plugs range in size from 1/2" to 36" OD and can be performed on most fluids including petrochemicals up to 3000 PSI.
  • Bypass, Bypassing We can provide the most advanced line stopping and bypassing service available today! Sizes from 1/2" - 48" on any type of pipeline.
  • Hot, Wet, Pressure, Tapping Hot tapping services include tapping 1/2" to 96" on natural gas, water, sewage, steam, petroleum products, and chemicals.
  • Linestop, Line Stopping We can perform sewer plug services on steam systems, air lines, chemical, sewage lines and chilled water systems Pressures through 500 psi and temperatures through 500 deg. F.
  • Other Services

  • Industrial Pipe Freeze Services Our pipe freeze services can locate a pinhole size leak on gas, water and most fluids filled pipline.
  • Team/Occlude Insert Valve Install This valve install is a real AWWA spec C515 valve designed for continuous use and is installed without a system shutdown.
  • Wall, Vessel, Tank Tapping Our wall tapping assemblies are used for hot tapping onto concrete walls, concrete storage tanks, and large diameter concrete conduits with any size outlet through 120", in 125, 150, and 300 lb. classes.
  • IFT Cut Sheets This is our useful website deducated to supplying a printable format for our cut sheets and other details pertaining to our work scope.
  • Other Pipeline Services Visit our main website at www.Hottap.com for a full list of our services
  • Free Quote

  • Pipe Freeze Quote Get a quick quote on our freeze plug services up to 36"and pressures as high as 3000 psi.
  • Hottap Linestop Bypass Quote Get a quote on hottaps up to 96", linestops up to 72" and bypasses up to 48" on all types of pipeline.
  • Wall Tank Vessel Tap Quote We can quote up to 120” taps on concrete walls, storage tanks & large diameter concrete conduits.
  • Insert Valve Install Quote Get a quote on 4", 6", 8", 10" & 12" Insert Valve installations onto Steel, PVC, C-900, Cast-Iron, Ductile-Iron and A/C pipeline.