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Pipe freezing is a non-intrusive, cost-effective, and quick method to perform pipeline leak testing or maintenance modifications without draining the system. Using liquid nitrogen, International Flow isolates your problem area in the pipeline or vessel by freezing the product inside the pipeline to form a solid plug.

  • This allows for very little drain-down or refill and, in many cases, no system downtime.
  • Standard freeze plugs range in size from 1/2" to 36" OD and can be performed on most fluids including petrochemicals.
  • Once the work is complete, the plug or plugs are thawed and the line is restored to operation.
  • Freezes can be placed on pipes to isolate pressures in excess of 3000 psi.
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Indoor Pipe Freeze Plug Services

Need a cost effective indoor pipe freeze in a tight location? We have performed 1000s of pipe freezes.

Outdoor Pipe Freeze Services

Don't want a costly Linestop and a fitting on the pipe? If you can stop the flow we can perform a pipe freeze.

Industrial Pipe Freeze Plug Services

Need our help to chase a leak on your industrial pipeline? We have vast experience locating leaks.

#1 Pipe Freezing Contractor

Voted #1 Pipe freezing contractor in the USA because of all the emergencies freezes completed during 2018.

Rated Top Pipe Freezing Company 

Rated top pipe freeze company by our peers because of the 1000s of pipe freezes performed in 2018.

All Mechanical Services

Specializes in many services such as Linestops, Hottaps, Walltaps, Insert Valve Installs & much more.


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IFT’s Indoor Pipe Freeze Plug Services Enable Critical Pipe Systems Remain Online and with NO Costly Shutdowns or System Drain-downs!

For 37+ years, IFT ranks top Nationally for our fast response time servicing indoor pipe freezing services and outdoor pipe freeze services on systems to prevent unwanted shutdowns. IFT remains committed and proud to offer 2” - 36” cryostop pipe freeze plugs nationwide. IFT as offers industrial pipe freezeplug services and we have a few jobs where we narrowed down a leak on a 12-mile stretch of crude oil to 600' of pipe. 300 feet of pipe was exposed and the leak was promptly located and repaired. Pipe freeze plugging is a cost effective alternative to our mechanical linestop services and is designed to isolate sections of pipe where valves are in tight areas, unavailable or inoperable. Through a combination of IFT’s hottap / wettap, line stopping, and pipe leak detection freeze plug services, we can guarantee that your pipe systems will stay in service.

Pipe freeze plug technology is a simple, cost-effective method to perform pipeline maintenance or modifications without draining. Using liquid nitrogen or CO2 to isolate the problem area in the pipeline by freezing the product inside the pipe to form one or more solid ice pipe freeze plugs. This allows for very little drain-down or refill, having to bleed problematic air out of pipes during refills, and in many cases, no system downtime. Once the pipe work is complete, the freeze plugs are thawed and are back in operation. Standard pipe freeze plugs range in size from 1/2" to 36" outside diameter (OD) and can be performed on most fluids. Pipe freeze plugs are constantly monitored and are designed to withstand up to 3,000 PSI line pressure. Independent laboratory tests have documented that no physical change in the structural integrity of the pipe occurs due to the controlled freezing process using liquid nitrogen. Another benefit of pipe freeze plugs over the mechanical services method is that there are no bulky fittings left behind on the pipeline system and can be performed in tight locations.

Pipe freezing can be performed on a variety of pipes, including:

1/2" to 36" (13mm to 914.4mm) OD
CoCast & Ductile Ironated & Lined Pipe
Vertical, Horizontal, Inclined
Out of Round Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Cast Iron
Internally / Externally Coated
Cement Lined / CMLC

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Indoor Pipe Freeze Plugging Services

Indoor pipe freezing allows our pipe freezing specialists to access tight areas that can be difficult for a mechanical Linestop machine and equipment.

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Outdoor Pipe Freezing Services

Outdoor pipe freezing is economically priced that is friendly for any budget versus mechanical line stopping.

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Industrial Pipe Freeze Plug Services

Need to locate a leak down a long stretch of industrial pipeline? Pipe freeze plugs is your economical solution.

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Mechanical Services

Hot Tapping, Wet Tapping, Line Stopping, Stopples, Pipe Bypassing, Insert Valve Installations, and many other pipeline specialized services is our specialty

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